How to Wash Linen Sheets?
Wash Linen Sheets

How to Wash Linen Sheets?

There is a common fact about linen that you might hear of. Generally, linen is twice as durable as cotton sheets and bedding. Moreover, linen fabrics are softer and smoother and warmer compared to any other fabrics. Linens are moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic which does not lose shape. High-Quality linen can last decades if the washing process is carried out correctly and properly. Besides, linens are created from flax fibers. It’s cool in summer and warmer in winter. One of the best characteristics of linen cloths is: it gets softer after every wash.

There is a misconception that linen is difficult to wash and care for. But the actual fact is, as linen fabrics are sturdy so washing linen and linen-blend sheets, bedding is simple, rather it is more straight-forward and does not need dry-cleaning.  If you are wondering how to wash linen sheets, bedding and clothes correctly, follow these simple steps about the right way to wash and care linen fabrics.

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Process of Washing Linen Fabrics and Cloths

Before starting washing linen items, it is wise to follow the washing instructions of manufacturers first. Linen made fabrics can be both machine-washed and hand washed. Either of these washing processes won’t shrink or stretch your linen items. Here’s are some important steps and factors you should remember while washing linen sheets by machines.

  1. First of all, do not forget to separate colored linens and wash them separately.
  2. Be careful with the temperature. Because high temperature may damage or may cause shrinkage, which eventually weakens the linen fiber. So, it is best to washing linen items in lukewarm water, which is less than 40 degree Celsius.
  3. Linens are highly water absorbent. Do not put more linen cloths or fabrics at once. More water is better.
  4. Don’t bleach or don’t add bleaches or extra whitening detergent.
  5. Use delicate cycle to wash linen cloths and fabrics.
  6. Use mild detergent.

Things you should remember while washing linen sheets by hands:

  1. First of all, take some lukewarm water in a big jar or bucket.
  2. Add some mild detergent with the water.
  3. Submerge your linen items in the water. Wait for 10-15 minutes until the linen fabrics soak the water.
  4. After that, swish the sheets gently. While doing it, do not twist or scrub the fabrics.
  5. Lastly, rinse completely the linen items to remove soapy residue and hang them to dry to avoid the formation of age spots.
  6. Fold the linen sheets promptly.
  7. If stains found, try to get rid of the strains immediately.

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How to Wash Linen Sheets, Linen Bedsheets and Linen Clothing?

Now you already know the washing process of linen fabric and other linen-blend bedding items. Although all the steps are the same, but there are some important things which can be mentioned. To wash properly, turning linen sheets from inside out, buttoning up the buttons, tying up ties, zipping up zippers. Again, do not overload the machine or do not submerge more items at once and do not mix the linen item with heavy items. If you do that, the laundry won’t rinse properly. When it comes to washing linen cloths, washing the clothes and just hang them to dry up immediately.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

So, here’re some key points of “do” and “don’t” while washing linen sheets, linen bedding items and other linen clothes.

You Should Do This While Washing

  • First of all, separate other colors from white color.
  • Separate linen items from other fabrics.
  • Always use lukewarm water.
  • Use mild detergent (Preferably mild liquid detergent)
  • Remember to use delicate cycle for washing.
  • Tumble dry linen items using gentle warm setting.
  • To get rid of the wrinkles and strains, dry completely and directly put sheets on the bed.
  • A dryer can be used to dry the linen sheets. But remember to operate the dryer on low heat. Because a higher level of heats can damage the natural fibers.
  • Drying the linen in the sunlight is recommended. Because natural sunlight helps to increase the brightness of linen items.


You Mustn’t Do This While Washing

  • Always remember not to use harsh detergent or bleach or any kind of whitening detergent.
  • Do not use fabric softeners, that may break down the natural fibers.
  • While machine washing, do not fill the machine. Leave some spaces for proper rinsing for each cloth. That removes any spots or watermarks appearing after the linen is dry.
  • Do not mix linen fabrics with other clothes that have hooks, studs or zippers.
  • Do not let sit any type of dirt, oil, grease or any kind of liquid on linen. If minor spot found, try soaking it in water detergent solution to remove the dirt or spot.
  • Do not use very hot water to wash.


So, we hope this guide will be helpful to you. Firstly, read the manufacturer washing instructions. If your sheets are pure linen, ironing, no dry cleaning is not recommended.

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