Bangladesh is the second biggest garment exporting country. Bangladesh generates $30+ billion every year by exporting garment apparel; moving forward to achieve $50 billion by exporting garments products within 2022. Readymade garments clothing industry or apparel manufacturers of Bangladesh is the biggest GDP contributor of Bangladesh. Here is a list of top 11 leading garment manufacturers and Garments Websites in Bangladesh, who plays an important part in export garments products and help to generate GDP.

Garments Websites in Bangladesh

List of Garments Websites in Bangladesh

Beximco Fashions Ltd.

Beximco Fashions Ltd. is one of the leading export-oriented garment industry of Bangladesh, which is located at Savar Export processing zone, Dhaka. It is a concern of Beximco Group, initially started its production in July 1997. With a group of professionals and their expertise, They (BFSL) manufacture more than 6 million pieces of high-quality fabric made casual shirts or apparel for prominent brands. They mostly export their garment products in USA, Canada as well as European countries.

Website: http://www.beximcofashions (dot) com/


Square Fashions Ltd.

Square Fashions Ltd., Best knitting fabrics and apparel manufacturer, started their journey in 1997. Since Square Fashions Ltd. is specialized in knitting products. Now, they have two garments units and two fabrics units. The company has all types of modern equipment and machinery including cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing as well as finishing equipment. Square Fashions Ltd. is very concern about its employees, staff, and other workers. The company provides free worker’s dormitories, pure drinking water supply, cooking place, meals at work, transportations and recreational facilities as well as free medical services.

Website: http://www.squarefashions (dot) com/


Ha-meem Group

Ha-meem Group is one of the major wholesale clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh. This industry has the most comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities, sophisticated machinery, embroidery, printing, and other accessories. They produce the most fashionable and classy garments products including some denim fabrics as well as apparel.

This company has more than 30 years of textile business experience, and they have been working with some biggest brands in the world. Today, Ha-meem Group has 26 woven garments factories, more than 300 production lines, over 50 thousand workers and auto cutting capability. With the biggest seven washing plant facilities, they are able to produce 7 million pcs products per month and the auto cutting facilities provide the highest efficiency.

Website: http://www.hameemgroup (dot) net/


Fakir Group

Fakir Group is a reputable 100% export oriented knit garment manufacturing company of Bangladesh. This company also may state as a diversified company. Because Fakir Group has knit garments, printing as well as packaging, garments label design, paper, and board manufacturing, air transportation, information technology, media export and trading engagement for more than 40 years. They have manufacturing capacity of 3.6 million pcs per year. This is a dependable garment industry for high-quality knitting garments products.

Website: http://fakirgroupbd (dot) com/index.php


Opex Sinha Group

Opex and Sinha textile group is a leading readymade garment products export company in Bangladesh. This is the biggest garment and textile industry, which has four massive industrial complexes in Bangladesh. They also have total 148 factories worldwide. Opex Sinha exports more than $300 million in value products every year. Medlar Group and Opex Group are two sub-industry of Opex Sinha groups.

They have strong backup linkage facility and modern textile machinery of weaving, knitting, yarn dyeing, knit dyeing, spinning, denim, printing, packaging as well as finishing. They have foreign designers from New York, Tokyo, Milan and more.

Website: http://opexfashion (dot)


DBL Group

DBL Group is one of the largest knit garment exporters and manufacturers of Bangladesh. This is a diversified business company that vertically integrated textile manufacturing facilities, founded by 1991. DBL group is the exporter of some major markets in USA, Canada, Europe, and platinum suppliers of H&M knit garments, Walmart-George, Esprit, G-Star as well as some largest companies around the world. Moreover, this company has the capability of manufacturing 13 million pcs per month.

Website: http://www.dbl-group (dot) com/


Epyllion Group

Epyllion Group was founded in 1994. Initially, Epyllion Group started as a Readymade Garments manufacturer and exporter of knitting apparel. This garment manufacturer is one of the largest agglomerates with substantial foundation of backward linkage of all kinds of wet processing, knitting garments, and garments accessories. Epyllion Group majorly exports their readymade garment products in USA, Africa, Asia, and Europe as well.

Website: http://www.epylliongroup (dot) com/


Asian Apparels Ltd.

Asian Apparels Ltd. is also one of the biggest and leading garment manufacturers and exporters in Bangladesh, established in 1992. This manufacturing industry has 16 production units, more than 15,000 sewing machines, and over 30,000 employees. Besides, Asian Apparel limited works with a professional team and they are very concern about product quality as well as delivery time-frame.

Website: http://asianapparels (dot) com/

Standard Group

Standard Group was established in 1984. It is one of the oldest garment manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. This garment industry has the largest woven manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh including sweater production facility. Moreover, this industry has its own garment washing, printing, design, embroidery, garment testing, and other textile accessories and production facilities.

Website: http://www.standard-group (dot) com/


Givensee Group of Industries Ltd.

Givensee Group is another biggest composite textile manufacturers and 100% export-oriented group of companies in Bangladesh. This industry has over 17,000 employees. They have the capability of manufacturing over 70000 pcs of or garments apparel. Givensee Group of Industries Ltd. has been catering to the largest mass scale garments retailers around the world.

This garment manufacturing industry also has the largest textile units such as spinning, washing, dyeing, and garments accessories production facilities as well. Moreover, Givensee has over three decades of manufacturing experience, 8 different garment factories. Their website should be in the list of top Garments Websites in Bangladesh.

Website: http://givenseegroup (dot) com/


Ananta Group

Ananta Group is another leading garment manufacturing and export companies in Bangladesh over 20 years of manufacturing experience, established in 1992. This industry already earns global reputation by manufacturing and exporting high-quality garment apparel all around the world.

Moreover, this industry provides free workshops, open ground, dormitory, pure drinking water, medical support to their employees and staff. They have a wide range of product development capabilities as well as professional quality management team. Ananta Group has more than 7000 modern machines for production. They have the capability of 2.5 million pcs of garments per month. Over 17000 employees are working to meet the production target or goals. The annual turnover of Ananta Group is 120 million dollars per year.

Website: (dot) bd/

So. if you are looking for the top Garments Websites in Bangladesh, the above mentioned websites will be highly recommended.