NUR FASHION has a good interaction with the manufacturers. We are quite flexible and confident to do any kind and quantity of garments. 
Most of the factories NUR FASHION work with are approved from renowned customers.


best fabric

NUR FASHION believes in sourcing the best quality fabric. Good fabric is the key to successful production, minimizing rejections and ensuring smooth production runs. As a primary check to ensure quality, we guide suppliers as to proper source of fabric and identify industries which can deliver in time, good quality fabric of desired weight, construction and color etc. Fabrics are tested for color fastness standards and fabric strength. Bangladesh has a versatile and wide range of fabrics and finishes. A separate booklet of fabric swatches can be made available, offering insight into the range of fabrics available. We have good fabric sourcing in the country.

Identify supplier

Every factory we deal with is evaluated at two levels: To assess capacity and capability.
To check environmental control and adherence to Labor Laws.


Development and Sampling


NUR FASHION continue to explore diverse products with quality designs. Our Design team of merchandisers helps the buyers with development of new samples and fabrics. Different types of embroideries/Print that can be done in Bangladesh. Garments can be developed to suit the color, fabric and style requirements of the current seasons. We will arrange to have the samples made based on the customer’s specific needs – “Sampling Request”. Sampling will take a vary short time from the date of receipt of the Inquiry. Alternatively, a range can be developed and the Buyers can choose whatever is suitable for their buying season & can able to provide Salesman sample with actual items.


We scrutinize prices quoted by the supplier and with our own experience of the cost structure in the country, obtain the most realistic prices from them.


Quality control


Quality Assurance is conducted in 4 stages of production.

Pre production check,Initial production check,During productions check,Final random inspection

Our merchandising follow up and quality control assurance build up a strong relationship and understanding with our clients and manufacturers, which assure the loyal long lasting partnership with our clients and manufacturers. We take orders as per our capacity. We have dedicated individuals from merchandiser to QC for each customer to follow up development or sampling stage to shipment. Our dedication and professional services allow us to connect more and more clients and support us in increase of turn over and understanding the better way to improve our services more and more, which helps our clients and manufacturers working together.

Working Style

  • For styling/development sample-Local yarn/fabric & animation we can send within 5-7 days
    after inquiry receipt in hand.
  • Price quotation within 24 hour.
  • Labdip local with 4-5 days & imported within 7 days.
  • Fit sample or Size set sample within 4-5 days & PPS sample within 7 days after receipt comment.
  • Production update / Status weekly for each customer.
  • QC inline & final inspection report send to customer quality department next day of inspection.
all inall

Follow up


We follow up each order in precise details from fabric to garment, to shipment stage. At each stage, progress is intimated to buyer and he is kept informed of the actual status of his orders throughout.

Warehousing Facility

The well planned construction of warehouse for systematic, safe, easy to locate & handle, convenient storage of the merchandise acts as an instrument for placement of goods and their speedy delivery. This also helps us in successfully carrying out the procurement and delivery schedules.



Proudect packing

In view of the nature of the products, the primary and secondary packaging being indispensable, we take due care in this context. We make use of the best quality packaging material obtaining the same from our regular and reliable manufactures.

Shipping/Cargo handling

Shipping documents are checked to verify their conformity to buyers instructions and sent well in advance to the buyer.
As a policy, we insist that all our cargo must be handled only by a reputed Forwarder, so that, we get correct information well in time about exact sailing details, ETD / ETA of vessels and may also try for priority in booking and loading wherever possible. In suitable circumstances, we may arrange grouping of cargo arriving from different suppliers. This system enables the buyer to import several consignments as one lot and reduces his import cost on freight, clearing, forwarding and cargo handling. We can assist if required in negotiating and obtain special freight rates on the basis of regular turnover. This too results in reducing buyer’s cost of import.


Post Shipment services

To avoid demurrage at destination, we collect copies of shipping documents such as B/L, AWB, Invoice, Packing list, original G.S.P., Certificate of Origin, Export Certificate etc. from all suppliers immediately after shipment and forward it to respective buyers. Should there still arise any misunderstanding or dissatisfaction in respect of any order, we actively help in finding a mutually acceptable solution to the problem.