Garments are a very prospective industry in Bangladesh. A significant part of our foreign economy comes from this ready-made garment industry. There are lots of top garments factory in Bangladesh, and even this sector is one of the primary sources of the government revenue of our country.

“It is a matter of pride that today, our garments factories have achieved a total of 90 certifications in Platinum, Gold, and Silver categories, the highest in the world.” Said by Environment and Forests Minister Anisul Islam Mahmud.

But today’s smooth path has not been achieved in a single day.

Top Garments Factory in Bangladesh

Let’s Look Back…

After independence in 1971, many countries termed Bangladesh as an example of a failed state. They thought that the RMG industry of Bangladesh is like a bottomless basket with small factories, low space, child labor, forced labor, and so on.

However, our garment industries have proven that all their thinking was misspent. Child labor has nothing to do with the garment industry in this country. In fact, Bangladesh’s garment industry plays a vital role in the income of impoverished people by employing poor adult workers.

As a result of endless efforts after independence, our Readymade Garments (RMG) industry has achieved phenomenal growth as the largest export industry in Bangladesh for the last 27 years.


Here is a Statistics collect from BGMA in their Trade Information:

Achievements of Bangladesh Garments Industrial Source (the Fiscal year 2018-2019)

  • Number of Garments Factories: 4621 (+/-25 Approximately).
  • Export of RMG (in Million USD): $34133.27
  • Total Export of Bangladesh (in million USD): $40535.04
  • Percentage Of RMG’s to Total Export: 84.21%
  • Total apparel Export (in million USD):
  • Woven= $16681.04
  • Knit= $16245.84
  • Total= $32926.88
  • Main Apparel Items Exported from Bangladesh (in million USD):
  • Shirts= $2324.85
  • Trousers= $6939.61
  • Jackets= $4384.81
  • T-Shirt= $7011.26
  • Sweater= $4255.91

Source to get more info:  Export Promotion Bureau Compiled by BGMEA 2018-2019)

By going under the provisions of the Multi-Fiber Agreement (MFA) of GATT, our garment industry has got the opportunity to exploit an insulated market. As a result, they can participate heavily in the export process in a concise period of time. Whereby today, they have achieved a high profile for their contribution to foreign exchange earnings, industrialization, and GDP.


Contributions of Governments on these rules

In order to survive the post-MFA competition, the Government of Bangladesh is in a joint effort with the RMG sector to remove all structural barriers related to electricity supply, telecommunication networks, transportation facilities, law and order situation, seaport management and utility services.

The RMG sector, with the support of the government, is leading the way in their participation in the global RMG market by making significant entrepreneurs and increasing their strength through mutual cooperation.



To know about NUR Fashion, let’s give a briefing about Garments manufactures and Buying House.


What is Garments Manufacturers?

The garment manufacturing industry is a sector that caters to the needs of basic clothing, as well as they produce all kinds of wholesale, semi-sustainable consumer products, and accessories for sale in overseas marketplaces.

What is a Buying House?

Basically, a buying house that acts as a business partnership between the buyer and the manufacturer. It can be a purchasing company or a purchasing office, which works with different buyers and brands at the same time with approval from the buyer.


Mission, Vision about trading details of NUR Fashion

NUR FASHION was established in 2012 as a Garments Manufacturing Organization & prominent Buying Agent in Bangladesh. It is one of the Readymade Garments Manufacturing and wholesaler organizations with other Textile products based in Bangladesh.


Within a short time, this company has been successfully fulfilling its mission by supplying the highest quality products as per its client’s demand.


They know that to increase the quality and efficiency of the products, it is necessary to reduce costs and delivery time. Through this, it is possible to maintain a world-class collection service.


That’s why they provide the best products for their clients at a cheap price with the aim of providing outstanding customer service with the best quality products at a low cost.


Here they believe that customers can confidently trust them not only for their experience and professionalism, but also for their principle of responsibility, transparency, integrity, and, above all, complete respect for the customer.


Their prominent services offered agile manufacturing, production options, and worthy quality control with reliable and fast delivery to their clients. In this way, they already have been capable of building a bridge between their local manufacturers and overseas buyers.

How it’s become a Top Garments Factory in Bangladesh?

The principle of their business is to procure the best quality product material at the right time through modern communications. And manage all operations through strong teamwork, rigorous time management, and efficient product quality control.

Through continuous and relentless hard work, those who are successfully completing one by one shipment of material are called the spirit of Noor Fashion.

Why workers love NUR Fashion as their leading Garments Factory?

Let’s have a look…

Bangladesh Labor Act-2006 is an updated version of the Factories Act-1965. Like all the successful garment factories in Bangladesh, Noor Fashion is also respectfully maintaining it for their workers.

We cannot describe every section of the law here. We are just describing the rules that only the garment workers‘ employer has to follow, which should be used in the Noor fashion and their working class. So, let’s see what they are providing to workers in this case.

First of all, NUR Fashion likes to say about their workers that they are not in favor of child labor. Therefore, they do not employ any under 18 workers in their factory, and also, they recruited all workers after seeing their good health.


Maintain the Section of Health and Hygiene:

  • Cleanliness: All staff must be clean before they start their daily works.
  • Disposal of wastages and effluents: Yes, NUR Fashion regularly maintains and monitoring this program.
  • Ventilation and temperature: As per necessary, they have enough Ventilation and temperature maintenance systems.
  • Dust and fume: No, they don’t do any dust and fume creating work.
  • Artificial humidification: Yes, they have this system.
  • Overcrowding: No, they don’t have overcrowding workers.
  • Lighting: Yes, they have enough light system to work smoothly.
  • Drinking water: Yes, they have pure drinking water for their workers.
  • Latrines and urinals: Yes, they have sufficient separate toilets and urinals for their women and men workers.
  • Spittoons: Yes, they have a bucket or send for this.


 Safety in working time

  • Precautions In case of fire: Yes, they have.
  • Fencing of machinery: Yes, they have fencing around their machinery.
  • Working on or near machinery in motion: Yes, only expert workers are work there.
  • Striking gear and devices for cutting off the power: Yes, every machinery has this.
  • Revolving machinery: they have Knitting Machine
  • Floors stairs and means of access: yes, they have.
  • Excessive weights: they have trolley to carry excessive weight.
  • Production of eyes: All department has a supervisor to follow up productions.



NUR fashion always takes care of workers’ welfare like their washing facilities, Fast aid appliances, Shelters, Canteens, and Rooms for baby seating and children’s daycare for their women workers.


Working hours, Leave, and holidays with wages and Miscellaneous


  • In their duty roster, NUR Fashions staff’s working time maintain daily 8 hours (8 AM to 5 PM) 6days a week.
  • Workers have 1hour for rest/mealtime. In their employee notebook, they have a compensatory weekly holiday.
  • Occasionally if they need to do any urgent shipment delivery, then their staffs are doing night shift as a shifting duty, and they do not overlap it.
  • Even, for this shifting duty, paid them an extra allowance for overtime as per company rules.
  • Leave and Holidays with wages:
  • NUR Fashions employee handbook clearly informed that they maintain annual leave with wages, Festival holidays like EID, PUJA May Day, etc.
  • They also have casual leave, seek leave. Here women also get Maternity leave with 100% treatment fees.
  • Workers also get wages during leave and holiday periods if they comply with company rules.
  • In certain cases, as per workers, urgent NUR Fashion gives them payment in advance.
  • NUR Fashion has reserves on rights to penalize its workers if anyone has broken the rules and regulations or responsible for severe damage to any products.
  • They also take responsibility to pay from the company if any worker injured in working time.


What Products and Services NUR Fashion Provides?

Now let’s go through the brief about products and services NUR Fashion provide for their Buyers-

Nowadays, some world famous brands import their all clothing from Bangladesh. Like as plain t-shirt to Polo shirt, printed clothes, Jeans Pants, tank top, Sleepwear, Swim Shorts, team uniform, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Jacket & Vest, Sweater, Pullover, Undergarments & Lingerie, innerwear, Shorts, Leggings, Woven Shirts, men’s clothing, mens hooded, women clothing, Baby & Kids Wear, Sleepwear. And NUR is the ready maker and vendors of those products.


Finally, Noor Fashion is self-sufficient in all its forms, one such garments factory in Bangladesh is uniquely known as one of the leading garment industry. So, you can say NUR Fashion is one of the most vertically integrated Bangladeshi textile factories that can be compared to one of the top-rated garment industry in Bangladesh.